What could possibly be in this little blue bag that makes my life so much easier and I absolutely love it?

Silver thermal cooker
Campfire Travel Chef

Well, it’s what we like to call the “Hot Pot” but its real name is the and it’s brilliant!

We’ve all heard of the Dreampot and I’m sure they are fantastic but we are travelling on a tight budget and the RRP of a Dreampot when we were purchasing was $270 yikes!

So when we walked into our local camping store and seen the campfire Travel Chef for $120 I was SOLD!

Why do we love ♡ it so much?

Because there is nothing worse than travelling all day, setting up camp and then having to prepare a meal with two screaming tired kids.

It saves us money!

Obviously, we saved $150 straight away from purchasing this over the big brand. But we save so much money by making our food and resisting purchasing take away.

It’s so simple to use

If you are a slow cooker fan then slow cooking on the road will be easy for you to do. I love that it’s as simple as cooking your meal, leaving it and serving it when you’re ready.


I really love being able to cook dinner and take it with us for a picnic or coming home to a hot meal waiting for us.

Family enjoying picnic
Enjoying a picnic dinner at Bargara Beach QLD

We’ve only had our Hot Pot for years and some meals we’ve made are:
* Devil sausages and rice
* Quiche
* Risotto
* Scones (need another attempt at that one)
* Pumpkin soup
* Bolognaise
* Stews
* Broths
* Curried chicken

And there are so many more recipes I can’t wait to attempt.

plate of food
Quiche are easy to make using the Campfire Travel Chef

My only TIP before you buy:

I have met a lot of travellers that have purchased a similar item like our travel chef and have never used it. It seems to be if you didn’t like slow cooking at home then you won’t use it on the road. Don’t buy it unless you will really use it as it will take up a lot of your precious space.

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  1. I also use mine for cornbeef with potatoes makes a long day surfing even better when you know its waiting for you at camp. Also try italian chicken, chicken pieces vege pasta sauce in an oven bag and theres limit cleaning

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