I love travelling around Australia and meeting new people. Obviously, the first conversation includes an explanation of why we are new to the area, we are travelling in a caravan and have been doing so for years. Most people shut down the idea of travelling with replies like “Wow what an amazing experience you guys are having, we could never do that.” Or my favourite reply is “We wish we were as rich as you, we could never afford to travel!”.

It’s so frustrating to hear comments like this because I truly believe if your dream is strong enough you’ll make it happen “YOUR WAY”. Deciding on a dream is pretty simple especially if it’s to travel. You say “I am going to travel” and there you have it, dream made. But that’s where most people stop, with a simple dream.

The Definition to have a dream is:

Indulge in daydreams or fantasies about something greatly desired. (Oxford Dictionary)

Most people’s dream start and finishes just there, a fantasy. It will always be a fantasy if you don’t work out how to achieve it by setting goals to turn it into reality!

You can read how we turned our dream into reality and what we went through on our blog About us . I would like to say it was so simple and easy but it wasn’t. It took long nights, lots of savings and hard work to get to where we are today. People look at us and assume things like we are rich….we aren’t rich 😉 We simple work at our dream/goal regularly.

What I love the most is there’s many families on the road travelling around Australia and even around the world! We aren’t the first family to turn a simple dream into a reality. We all start from the same point, we had the same dream TO TRAVEL! But we (unlike most) worked out how we could turn our dream into reality for us. We all don’t travel in the same vehicles, or to the same destinations or similar budgets. We are all individuals that worked out a simple plan that worked for our families.

So here is a few tips from us to help you turn your travel dream into a reality:

Pick a realistic Destination

No dream or goal is too big. You might already have a destination in mind and think you can’t afford it. Perhaps today you can’t afford to go but if it’s your dream then set that as your travel goal.

Check your finances

We all would know that travelling costs money and we all would love to travel on a champagne budget. But the reality of it is we may not be able to afford it. So our first thing we did was check our finances.

See what you have in the savings account. Perhaps your savings account is looking a little bit tired or you have a big dream and need to save a bit more money.

Create a budget. Budgets are really simple, it’s your income minus all your expenses which give you your weekly or monthly (however you work your budget) savings amount. See our budget tips blog.

Put your savings with another Bank – why you ask? Because it’s not readily available and takes 24 hours for you to access it. This way it discourages you from spending your hard earned savings. Set up an automatic deduction on your pay day so it leaves your account and you don’t accidentally spend it.

Trip cost and plan

So you have picked a destination, you now have a budget and savings plan so now you can start working out a travel plan. Start researching rough cost on fuel/flights, accommodation, food, transportation, sightseeing costs and then a little kitty for the things you many have forgotten to budget for. Add those all up and then you have a rough estimate of your trip cost.

If your a surprised on how much it might cost you to travel to that destination then see if you can tweak your budget. Is there something you can take out to save money? Perhaps travelling by train is cheaper than flights? And don’t forget travelling in peak times (school holidays or Christmas) is very expensive. So is there a chance you can travel in the off-peak season to save some money? Trip planning and budgeting will take you a lot of research.

Set your goal

Your travel plan is starting to take shape and it’s starting to turn from a dream to your goal and soon hopefully into reality. So now’s the time to set a realistic goal. You have your travel budget and you know your savings plan, so to work out how long it will be until you can take your trip is easy to see now.

Don’t be discourage if it will take a year or possibly two. There have been plenty of families we have met on the road that saved for two years to be able to do their trip.

Staying Motivated

One of the biggest issues we had when we were working late nights and packing, was staying motivated after the initial excitement wore off. We were getting tired and a little frustrated that it was taking so long to hit the road. But here’s some tips for staying motivated:

  • Keep researching your destination – staying passionate is what it’s all about
  • Follow your destinations FaceBook page or Instagram account – seeing pictures helps keeps you inspired
  • Follow other travellers doing something similar to what you are wanting to do (if it’s travelling Australia click here to see a list of travelling families you could follow)
  • Watch your savings grow – draw up something really simple where you can check off every $50, $100 or $500 saved. Seeing your savings grow inspires you and you will think twice about spending any of that money.
  • Follow Travel Bloggers – these guys are living your dream! They have done the hard yards and are out there experiencing the world. They could post things about your destination and help you plan your trip. They can give you advice and tips to help save money or travel better.

So there you there you have it. A DREAM, to a GOAL and hopefully one day a reality! It might be hard work for some but trust me it’s worth it. Where will you be in a years time if you don’t start acting on your dream today?

Here are some travel bloggers that inspire me and might inspire you too, to travel and get out there:

Where’s Sharon 

I can’t remember when I started following Where’s Sharon, it’s been years now. What I love about her website are all the great travel tips she has for families. From travelling overseas to travelling to various destinations around Australia. She started a small business that now supports the lifestyle she loves – travelling. 23082015_sharongourlay_print-0002-2

Sharon and her family

(Copywrite Where’s Sharon)


Have such a board website to help anyone start travelling. Tips about money, destinations and real life experience on how they overcame obstacles. Caz and Craig have been travelling for years so their website can help you with travelling the world or something smaller like a weekend vacation. ytravel  had a dream to travel Australia and they turned that into reality a few years ago. Their new dream is to travel the US and is about to set off on their next adventure.


Caz & Craig with their daughters 

(Copywrite ytravel)

mumpack travel

Evie is an Aussie solo mumma travelling with her daughter Emmie. This mum was brave enough to sell up and decide that life experience were worth more than working 12 hour days just to pay for a new kitchen. Lots of inspirational blog posts and pictures on Instagram.

Evie & Emmie Mumpack travel

Evie & Emmie

(Copy write Mumpack Travel)


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