Travelling Australia as a family. We didn’t know then we would be still travelling 4 years later

We (Matt and Justine) decided we had, had enough of living in Brisbane. With two young children (Madeleine & Bella) we knew that we wanted to do something amazing while they were still young. We made the decision that travelling Australia with our kids would be our challenge. Little did we know that decision would create such an amazing lifestyle change.

In 2013 we packed our life up and decided to hit the road! We knew that this lifestyle change was for us so decided to extend our trip, slow the pace down and work our way around instead. Within the first 2 years we were committed to travelling so we sold the family home and now searching for a new town to call home.

Travelling and working around Australia
Our fantastic set up (Prairie Queensland)

4 years of living in a caravan have had its ups and downs. We have fought, cried, yelled, hugged, giggled, loved and laughed at each other. I can say we are closer as a family as we have grown together in some pretty stressfully and magical moments.

We have met some pretty fantastic strangers that have become friends, farmers that have embraced us, locals that have welcomed us, grey nomads that want to adopt our children and travelling families that we now call our best friends.

Travelling Australia as a family has had absolutely priceless. The memories we have made are for a lifetime and who know’s what the future could hold for us.

But if your curious to know how we have managed to finance 4 years of travel, then click here to read all about it 😉

Enjoying our time in Tasmania, Cradle Mountain

If anything you can take away from our travels is that dreams do come true if you work really hard to achieve and keep them…

“Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you (Tim Ferriss)

map of tasmania
Our epic 5 month stay in Tasmania
Travelling Australia is the best decision we have made. 4 years on the road and loving it








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5 Replies to “Meet “Our Family Getabout””

  1. What a great adventure you are on. Enjoy making those memories with your family. I wish we were as brave as you at your age we are now retired and just starting our adventure. Have fun. Stephanie

  2. So incredible and inspiring that you followed your dream!! I love that you went for it. What a great experience for the entire family!

  3. We are considering travelling in the near future but have 2 young children, 4 & 7, my main concern is about keeping up with school work & the kids loosing that social interaction with their peers, how did you manage these things with your kids?

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