In all the years we’ve been travelling in this caravan we haven’t really hit constant cold wet weather……until now! It’s not the greatest time to be travelling when it’s freezing cold and constantly raining. But then you have the battle of CONDENSATION! 

We have been travelling through Victoria and then stopped in Ballarat in June/July for a couple of weeks work. Most days are below 10 degrees and the sun isn’t out enough to warm the van each day. The difficult part was each night the tempreture would drop and we had 4 people breathing all night and creating this condensation all over the walls.

The worst part about it, I was completely oblivious to it until I went to tuck my daughter in one night. I accidentally touched her wall and realised it’s covered in water. To which all this water has been running down the walls and wetting the edge of her bed and pillow creating a nice little home for mould to grow. Mould is a caravanners worst nightmare. Not only does it have serious health implications if you breath it in but it’s difficult to remove. Needless to say, I threw all the sheets out and tried to come up with a solutions to our condensation nightmare.

Solutions we are trying:

Damp aids:

We have filled the cupboards with damp aids but it hasn’t fixed the problem. It’s quiet possible it has reduced it but I not massively. As you can see from the picture below these Damp Aid bags we hung in our daughters bunk has caught a lot of water. Unfortunately our condensation is much bigger then Damp Aids can fix.


full damp aid
This is from the end of the girl’s bunks after a week!

Protect our clothing:

In the cupboards that have clothes in it, we have bagged the clothes in space saver bags. This is to stop them getting wet. Sure it’s reduced our clothes getting wet but there’s still water in the cupboard.

Condensation in a caravan is difficult to maintain.

Cleaning each day

Every morning we wipe all the walls down to stop the water from making the girls beds wet. This helps the walls dry out through the day a lot  easier as well.

Better air flow

A lot of our social media followers told us to leave a window open overnight to create better airflow. Unfortunately it made us extremely cold and it didn’t reduce the water at all. We leave the windows open on a sunny day but  they are few are far between.

Cover the bunks:

In the end, we have put a plastic cover on the bottom of the girl’s bed to try and stop the water creating mould on their bedding. It’s helped some of the bed but I can’t plastic sheet near where they sleep. They are still young and I don’t want to risk suffocation.


And before you suggest installing a heater….we already have a diesel heater. It’s definitely worth the money and helped so much especially on those days we haven’t cracked 8°. But because the weather is so cold the heating doesn’t have a chance to dry the walls that are affected.


I am pretty sure we have tried every solution there is other than heading north for warmer weather. As much as we would loved to change our travel plans it’s just not something we can do at moment. I can honestly say there is no quick fix or complete fix to condensation and living in a caravan. There’s lots of different methods on reducing it but definetely no absolute fix.

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  1. Is there a chance you have water getting into the walls of the van? I bought a caravan in the UK that had leaks, the owners knew and covered it up for the sale, thieving beggars. Due to the water getting in through the seals around the roof, the insides felt damp and gross all the time. Sold it, honestly, to someone else who was happy to re-seal it, and bought another little cheapie.

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