“You shouldn’t travel with your kids, that’s totally bonkers!” She said as she walked away. I couldn’t believe my ears! Did she just say that to me? And did she just use the word “bonkers”, who says that? Yes, unfortunately, this is just one of the negative comments we have dealt with since travelling with our kids.

When you choose to travel whether it be around Australia or overseas with your children, sometimes not everyone is going to be happy and supportive of your life changing decision. You’ll probably hear crazy comments like”

  • Did you win the lotto? You can’t afford to do something like that!
  • Think of the kid’s education. Will your kid’s suffer from your choice?
  • What about the future, how are you going to buy another house?
  • Have you thought about your job, you’ll never get another job!
  • It’s so unsafe for your kids, have you thought about the dangers?

How to handle negative comments

Do your research

If you have done all your trip research and understand the cost, hardships, destinations, schooling and all facets of travelling life then you’ll always have the perfect answer for the tough questions. If you have done your research then you’ll have the perfect answer to a negative question or comment.

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath and a step back from the situation and ask yourself are they asking these questions to be a “negative nelly” or are the genuinely concerned. Remembering your probably slightly stressed and overwhelmed from all the packing, planning and organising your amazing trip. You could be feeling slightly sensitive and you might need to relax a little.

Who is asking the questions?

Most families say that their parents are the ones that have the most questions which I think is completely normal. If grandparents are asking the tough questions then I guess these could be coming from love and they just want to make sure you’re doing the right thing. If they have concerns over your children then offer for them to meet you on the road somewhere for a little holiday so they can catch up with you and see that they children are fine on the road.

Talk to the “negative nelly”

So you’ve answered everyone’s questions and taken a reality check to make sure you’re not being too sensitive. But they’re still a persistent person that has a slightly negative tone to each question or comment about your trip. If this person is important to you then it can’t hurt to have a conversation about how your feeling about the comments they are making. This person might not even know that they are being negative and could have a little bit of the green eyed monster (jealousy) about your trip.

Be positive!

People are really strange creatures and it’s not always easy for them to be positive and celebrate some thing that’s different. Some people could be jealous that they aren’t in the position to make such a crazy awesome decision like you. Others just don’t understand why you want to do something so radical. But at the end of the day, you need to do whats right for you and your family regardless of other peoples opinion. I find that a lot of peoples negative comments or attitudes are just because they are afraid of the unknown. You and your family need to stay focused through the crazy pack up and leave phase. Surround yourself with positive people that want to see you succeed in your adventure. Don’t forget your not the first family that has packed up and travelled.  So make sure you’re reading lots of awesome travel blogs for inspiration or follow some great families Facebook pages.


For the families that have hit the road and living the dream right now, why don’t you leave a comment below about how awesome travelling with your family is. This could help someone that’s reading this blog and feeling a little deflated from some negative comments they are getting right now!


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