Rainforest Bounty was such a fresh of breath air for me when I was travelling through the Atherton Tableland, Queensland. We had been travelling for a few weeks through Cape York and quite honestly it felt like we were getting into a travelling rut. As a mum, it can be really easy to choose sight seeing attractions that accommodate the kids. As much as I love doing these experiences with my kids I just wanted to find something different, something for me. And then by some miracle, I saw a really small ad in the tourism guide for the Atherton Tablelands for a cooking class in the area. When I called, the lovely lady at the end of the line explained to me that they are booked out for months but by chance, they had a cancellation for the next days Vietnamese cooking class!

Up early the next day I dragged my travelling friend Di with me and had a girls day out. I couldn’t believe it when we got to the gate the property was such a beautiful, lush, dense rainforest that was absolutely stunning and took me by surprise.

The beginning of the day

The start of any great day must begin with food! A beautiful homemade morning tea gives a great opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and why they love cooking. It broke down those walls and made everyone feel at home. It was also a great opportunity for Geraldine to introduce herself explained the concept of the property. It was really great to hear the history of the property and how hard they have worked to make it such a great business.

Vietnamese cooking class menu

Getting out and about on the property

Great cooking classes will teach you something about your food. Well, the difference with this property is that a lot of the fruits used is from the rainforest. Geraldine has worked with the Indigenous people to learn how these plants grow and if they are digestible. It was really fascinating learning how many fruits are really toxic to humans. It was so great picking and seeing all different fruits, leaves and vegetables from the property.


Australian finger lime
Peppercorn bush


Fresh ingredients right in the backyard




Let the cooking begin

We took our first glimpse at the menu we were all going to be cooking. In pairs, we chose what dish we would love to learn how to cook and I am so glad we able to cook with fish. The kitchen was a buzz with chatter, laughter and some amazing smells from all the chopping and cooking. It was a great experience to learn a lot more about all different herbs and spices that I have never used before. We had 10 people cooking class with all different level of cooking skills and Geraldine and her assistant helped with any questions or issues you may have had. I never once felt like I had to be this amazing chef to be able to cook the recipes.

Blending the ingredients for the fish dish
Check out the size of the banana flower








Geraldine teaching us Vietnamese spring rolls



Time to enjoy our hard labour

When everyone was done cooking it was time to sit down with a glass of wine and discuss each meal we were about to eat. It was great to hear from the other cooks. We all got to discuss our dish and what they loved about cooking their dish and what we found difficult. It made us excited to try each dish. Each dish was absolutely delicious, the flavours truly unique and every bite was an amazing experience. To top an amazingly delicious lunch we got to try Sweet Sticky Coconut rice, the perfect end to a great meal.

Spiced Tablelands Beef @ Rainforest Bounty
Lemon Aspen, duck and banana flower salad



Coconut sticky Rice
Fish curry with pumpkin
Rainforest Bounty Vietnamese Spring Rolls

A unique experience

Rainforest Bounty is truly a unique property. It wasn’t just the run of the mill cooking class. It was an experience that was educating, hands on and memorable from the start to the end. When you’re travelling around Australia remember to look for experiences that are unforgettable just like Rainforest Bounty for me.

Rainforest Bounty has some amazing products, make sure you check out their website.