Situated in the country known as the Never Never (famous book and movie) Mataranka may be small but it has two of the most amazing thermal springs that you need to see. Both springs are situated in the Elsey National Park with crystal clear water and approximately 34 degrees.

Mataranka Thermal Springs

The Rainbow Springs Thermal PooI is situated in the Mataranka Homestead. This pool is described by most travellers as “a man-made pool”. The pool is very popular with the tourist and can hold a large number of people. It has a great boardwalk down to the spring and other short walks in the area to keep you busy. Don’t forget your hat, water, and camera just in case you spot a crocodile. Don’t worry they are only ‘freshies” in the area.

Bitter Springs

Is another fantastic thermal pool in the Elsey National Park. This pool is a natural spring however the Parks and Wildlife have installed stairs for easy access. This spring is flowing so don’t forget your pool noodle and float your day away down the 100m stream. It is bordered with beautiful trees and it is so relaxing listening to the birds in the area. Bitter Springs was definitely our family favourite spring.

Family Friendly Campground

Little Roper Stock Camp

Situated approximately 2km from the Mataranka Homestead is Little Roper Stock Camp. At first glance, you might think its a run down property but it is such a great place for families to stay and enjoy the area.

The really friendly owners Des and Telka love to share their knowledge of the local area and the kids will love all the animals that need feeding.

In the peak season, Des does do a great camp oven dinner and show. A true blue Aussie meal with a few laughs and stories from the area. Fantastic amenities and a cheap washing machine.

Don’t forget to enjoy a billy tea each morning and some fresh Johnny Cakes as well.

Other attractions in the area

Elsey National Park

Is a short drive from Little Roper Stock Camp. A great national park to do some freshwater and even spot a croc (no swimming). Lots of little walks to do to keep you busy. And even a campground to stay in.

Whippys Whip Show

Is a “donation only” show held at the Mataranka Homestead in peak season. “Whippy” show is so impressive and mind blowing on how talented he is with cracking a whip. Amazing to see how he has broken several Guinness world records.

Barra Feeding

Is held twice daily at 9.30am and 1 pm at the billabong of the Territory Manor Motel and Caravan Park.  The kids loved seeing all the fish and even spotted a few turtles.

We loved our stay in the Mataranka area and were quite surprised with how much there is to see and do in the area. I had only planned on staying a night and ended up enjoying 7 nights. We really enjoyed spending our days floating down Bitter Springs. Don’t forget your goggles as you might catch a glimpse of a turtle 🙂


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