Carmila Beach is such an amazing unspoilt piece of the Queensland coast. Situated approximately 75km south of Sarina this camp is a great spot to stay and enjoy one of Queenslands stunning beaches.

What’s special about this camp?

Tide changes

It was amazing to see how far the tide goes out from the coastline. Being from NSW we haven’t seen the drastic tide changes like this. It honestly looked like it went out 1km although I’m sure it was only 500m. You really need to see it to believe it.

Stunning views on Carmila Beach QLD

Amazing view

This camp is situated right on the water. Finding a levelled, hard sand site is definitely hard work as this camp is very popular. But we enjoyed going further down the beach to get our own private spot. It was so nice to listen to the sound of the crashing waves at night.


Fires are permitted at this camp area. Because of so many more travellers, before you have collected firewood, I would really recommend bringing your own. Make sure you put it out correctly and don’t cover it with sand!

Shells galore

We really enjoyed walking up and down this beach collecting all different shells for the girls to play with. Some of the shells were absolutely beautiful.


All the campers filled the beach at high tide trying their luck to catch some fish. But let us tell you a little secret, no one’s bait worked on this beach! But if you’re smart enough at low tide, go out as far as you can and collect all the pippies. We had a lot of success when we changed our bait.


We had such a brilliant, relaxing, beautiful stay at Carmila Beach. It’s such a stunning spot that I think a few travellers miss as they are worried about the soft sand. Although we had such a great time I won’t lie I was very glad to leave the mess of the black sand. We had a lot of washing to catch up on.

When we visited this fantastic camp in 2014 it was free for a 72-hour stay. But I believe the local council has imposed a small camping fee of $10 per night and there is no water available in the area.


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