You cannot go and see the heart of Australia (Uluru) without stopping in at Kings Canyon. I mean you have travelled all that way through the Red Centre, you may as well go and see it’s beauty. We found a lot of travelers that loved Kings Canyon more than Uluru, I wasn’t one of them. Uluru is definitely our favourite. And if you want to cut down your travel time then why don’t you consider taking the Mereenie Loop.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon wall is approximately 100 meters high and at the base, it is filled with beautiful dense forest. There is a lof walks for all type of fitness levels and abilities. If you are adventurous then try your fitness on the 6km rim walk. The steps at the stair will definitely get your heart pumping. Or if you looking for something more relaxing then try the short, wheel-chair accessible Creek Walk, which goes right into the heart of the canyon itself.

Kings Canyon Resort

There are only two places to stay near Kings Canyon – Kings Canyon Resort and Kings Creek Station. Because we only had one full day in the area, we wanted to be close to the canyon to do as many walks as possible.

Our opinion of Kings Canyon Resort is very LOW. Overpriced at $60 for 2 adults, 2 children for a nonpowered spot in the tent area. The first area we picked was full of HUGE cats eyes (or burrs) that would of went through our tents and air mattresses. Make sure you have plenty of supplies or expect to pay a lot of $$$. The only good thing about Kings Canyon Resort is going to the viewing deck for sunset, it was absolutely beautiful.

Mereenie Loop

Kings Canyon is 450km on sealed road or 395km through the West Mcdonnell Ranges and on the Mereenie Loop. The Mereenie loop is notorious for its corrugation and large dips in the road. The road itself has large stone and a lot of caravanners will avoid travelling on it. Apparently, the road is worse after the Finkes Desert Race. It’s best to contact the Kings Canyon Resort and Alice Springs Information centre on the latest road conditions.

You will find this road has the largest population of wild Brumbies but unfortunately we didn’t get to see. We loved seeing some of the spectacular scenery on the West McDonell ranges end of the loop. And don’t miss Tylers Pass lookout, it has an amazing view of Gosse Bluff (crater impact site).

Although there isn’t much to see on the Mereenie loop, it was nice to cut down our travel time back to Alice Springs.


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