It would be hard to estimate how many families travelling around Australia! The most common question is “How do they fund their trip around Australia”? It’s no secret, travelling around Australia can be expensive! Between the high fuel cost, huge internet fees and every caravan park charging extra for your kids to stay too! It definitely adds up.

But when you have a dream that you are passionate about you work out a way to pay for it. We aren’t the first people to work out how to survive on the road. Like us, their are many families travelling around Australia. These families aren’t necessarily on the road full time doing a lap around Australia. They could be just doing one state over a few weeks. These families had a dream, made a budget and then set a travel timeline.

10 ways families travelling around Australia fund their trip

1. Savings:

Everyone’s finances are different. Some people live frugally and others have champagne budgets. However, lots of travelling families have saved to fund their trip. These families set a savings goal and worked really hard to achieve it.

money spread out
A lot of families travelling around Australia start with a large savings account

2.Work and travel:

Our favourite! Working and travelling families work for a portion of the year to fund their trip. We have worked on average 5 months a year to finance our trip. The downside to doing this is it takes you a long time to complete your lap however you get to stay and live in some great places.

To achieve this you need to have a realistic budget and set a travel timeline. We try to plan our trip towards a major town that will have work in my husband’s trade. We will also do some research on employment websites to see what work is available in the area as well.

Building a garage for a client in Ballarat

3. Sold the family home and everything in it:

The biggest decision some families have had to make is to sell the family home and everything in it. Some families that do this are looking for a new location i.e sea or tree change. They take a portion of the profits to set off on their family adventure whilst keeping enough money for a deposit on a new home.

Selling the family home
Many families travelling around Australia sell the family home to hit the road

4. Sold a business:

We have met lots of families that had a business and sold it to so they could hit the road. The market was good and the timing was right and selling the business covered their trip.

5. Travelling or online business:

If you already have an online business or preparing to make one then why not take it on the road. We’ve met various travellers with IT or photography business doing it from camp to camp. Lots of other travellers sell essential oils, makeup, 4WD gear, towing mirrors or handmade crafts while they travel. What if you had a skill you could do to fund your trips like hairdressing, facials, massage or vehicle repairs. There’re lots of ways to travel and work.

6. Government assistance:

Before anyone goes and judges another family and says “my hard earned tax dollars are funding some hippies trip”! Just remember that All Australian citizens could qualify for various payments as long as they meet the eligibility and or income/asset test. I have met families that have needed Centrelink to give them a helping hand or kick start. So before you think you can hit the road thanks to the Australian government you need to remember NOT everyone qualifies for various reason and should be considered as a last option.

7. Remortgaged the house:

Perhaps you’ve been repaying your mortgage for years and finally have some equity in your property. Some families have refinanced their property to help pay for their vehicles, caravans, and even their travel costs.

8. Renting your property:

This only works if you are in a great rental market. Some travellers are funding their trip by renting their house out (usually fully furnished). This way you are not paying storage fees and you have a steady income. However, you need to do your research. Check your rental fees, insurances and maintenance costs. We’ve even met families that rented their property on Airbnb. They have made great money renting it out over peak periods (i.e Christmas) but they did have the family check it each rental to make sure everything was left in one piece.

9. Long Service Leave or Redundancy pay:

Long Service is a fantastic option. You finally earned enough long service leave to take a few months off. You’re being paid to travel around Australia 🙂
If you’re in the unfortunate position of being made redundant then perhaps you could take a little time off to travel with your family. Make a negative situation in a positive one. It might not fund your trip for a year but it could give you a trip for a couple of months.

10. Markets:

And lucky last the good old markets. You might have a really good hobby that could help fund your trip around Australia. Be careful with food related hobbies as you do need a food license to attend most markets and those rules could change from state to state. But if you’re into jewelry making or cross stitch not only will it keep you busy but you could make money by selling your product.


So there you have it! The “not so secret” way of funding your trip is out. Lots of families travelling around Australia have worked really hard to hit the road, and all of them will say it was the best decision they have ever made.

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