We underestimated Mackay and were so surprised how many free family activities were in the area. Situated in the middle of the Queensland Coast it’s really a beautiful place to stop and stay for a little while. A lot of travellers remember Mackay as the booming town it once was when the mining was at its peak, but now it’s a town relying on its tourist. There is so many fantastic family fun activities in Mackay that won’t break the bank balance.

Free family fun activities in Mackay

Visit the Marina

Mackay Marina is a beautiful place to walk around and dream of all the boats you could possibly own. With such a large marina you’ll definitely have a lot of boats to see. We were lucky enough to stroll around and see some commercial fisherman bring their catches in for the day.

Mackay Marina

If you have time grab some fish and chips and head to the across the road to Mulherin Park to enjoy a picnic. It has a great park and some quirky statues.


Fish n chips at the Marina Mackay

Bluewater Lagoon

Is such a family-friendly water park that caters to all ages. With 3 age appropriate lagoons that vary in depths, a water playground, and water slides, it’s the perfect place for a refreshing swim. Lots of great facilities such as BBQs, playground, and even a lifeguard. Bluewater Lagoon is a great place to spend the whole day.

Cape Hillsborough National Park

Definitely a bucket list item to get a selfie with an Australian icon such as a Wallaby. It is such a unique area where the rainforest meets the ocean. On sunrise, the Wallabies will scour the beach at for any mangrove seed pods and seaweed. Cape Hillsborough is only 50km north of Mackay and has so many beautiful beaches and lookouts.

Cape Hillsborough is such a unique place to visit. Photo: Mackay Information Centre

Eungella National Park

Only an hours drive from Mackay you have a beautiful national park to explore. It boasts of some amazing views, hikes galore and if your lucky enough you could try your luck at platypus spotting. We met a lot of travellers that loved camping at Finch Hatton Gorge and enjoyed a day trip to Eungella area.

Throwing a line in

Mackay claims to have the best fishing on the Queensland coast. And as much as I would love to agree with this we were not successful in catching anything in Mackay but it didn’t stop us from trying. There are so many beaches in the area to throw a line in on you can even try your luck on the Harbour break wall. We wish we had more time to explore the area and enjoy some more of its beautiful waterways.

Great spots to throw a line in at Mackay

Cheap place to camp:

In the spirit of keeping your cost low when you visit this beautiful city then why don’t you look at staying at the General Gordons Hotel. Approximately 20km south of Mackay this little hotel has a small grassed area out the back for you to park on. At $5 a person and includes a hot shower and toilet, it’s definitely a travellers bargain. Please check Wikicamps for the latest reviews and prices.

Mackay Queensland

So there you have it, so many free family fun activities in Mackay to keep the whole family happy.