“Thunderbolt Country”

Uralla is a beautiful historic town situated 23km from Armidale. Uralla celebrates it’s historic connections to the bushranger “Captain Thunderbolt”. He is the main features at the local museum; his body is buried in the local cemetery; they have a statue in the main street, and approximately 7km out of Uralla is Thunderbolt Rock. Renowned as the place in which he reputedly used for many of his robberies.

But Uralla is much more than just more than this. It has beautiful farmland in the area.

Things to do in Uralla and surrounding area


Why don’t you try your luck at some fossicking? The area is full of Gold and Gems apparently. We found a lot of fools gold down at the creek and the girls loved collecting as much as they could. If you visit the local Information Centre you can hire a  Gold Pan to try your luck and they will give you a map to help.

All Saints Anglican Church

It’s only a short drive into the beautiful town of Uralla and definitely a town you don’t want to miss. If you love charming little towns with one of Australia’s most beautiful churches.  ‘All Saints Anglican Church’, Gostwyck Chapel is best seen in the Autumn months when the leaves on the Elm trees turn golden and the Virginia Creeper turns a stunning red. I am yet to witness this view.

ThunderBolts Rock

If you’re a history buff then you will enjoy the rich history of Captain Thunderbolt. With Thunderbolts rocks only 7km south of Uralla, you will be able to see the area where he would lay in wait to rob the mail coaches.

Heritage Walk

Uralla also has a fantastic Heritage Walk with a map available from the local information centre. It will take you through the historical township highlighting some amazing buildings.

New England Brewing Co.

The New England Brewing Co. proudly produce preservative free beer. See the local information centre for their opening times and brewery tour times.

Free camping in Uralla

Wooldridge Recreation & Fossicking Reserve is approximately 6km from Uralla. The camp itself is a beautiful bush camp that is in a National Park. Dogs are allowed into the National Park however they need to be on a leash at all times. You have a drop toilet available and fresh water available (apparently). The landscape is beautiful and set amongst the beautiful blue gums. Because there are so many trees, finding some sun for your solar is a little difficult so you will hear the general hum of people’s generators.

Lots of space for all types of travellers to fit at the Wooldridge Recreation in Uralla



Wooldridge Recreation area Uralla

If you’re not aware Uralla is a really cold destination. I couldn’t believe we visited in the middle of February and nearly froze that night. I have heard that in winter it is common for the creek to freeze over. But with all the beautiful bush around, there is plenty of firewood to keep you warm.

If you want to stay at this beautiful free camp then make sure you get in early as it does fill quickly and has limited “levelled” sites for your caravan.