Arriving at the Dawsons River Rest Area in Moura was a welcomed break. Everyone knows the free camp rule, you must arrive at 2 pm or the camp may be full. But we were lucky enough right on dusk to snap up the last position.

What’s special about this camp

Run by a local group

The Dawson River Rest area is suited right beside the river and is maintained by the Moura Apex Fishing restocking group. Although this camp is free, they do request a donation to help volunteers maintain this great park. So please do the right things and support a great club by leaving a donation.

Showers & Toilets

The showers and toilets were fantastic. Cleaned regularly and the water was nice and hot. There is a fee of $1 for a 2-minute hot shower.

Plenty of space

This free camp has a large grassed area that can fit a lot of vehicles in. When we camped here for a few days we counted 35 separate rigs in this area. As long as everyone parks correctly and doesn’t take up too much space you could fit more. In peak season this camp is extremely popular and always full.

Fire Pits

The generous Apex group provides travellers with lots of fire pits to use. There is firewood available in the near by bush land, however, lots of other travellers have cleaned this area out, so I would recommend bringing your own.


This beautiful free camp and so close to town (approximately 5km). I have heard that you can contact the local RSL and they will bring a bus out to collect you if you would like to go there for dinner. What a great service. The town of Moura has a park for kids, fuel, groceries and lots of other shops as well.


On a personal note from us, we were extremely grateful for this small community had an emergency department at the local hospital. Our 3-year-old at the time became very unwell quickly and we couldn’t control her temps with the medicine we were using. A quick visit to this hospital and our daughter was given antibiotics quickly to deal with the viral infection that she had. We were really lucky they still had a great hospital.


Free camp details:

Wikicamp details
Right beside Dawson River.

3 Replies to “Free camp: Dawsons River Rest Area, Moura QLD”

  1. I hope Miss M is feeling better and that you received such good care in Moura. As a parent this is one of my fears on the road, it’s nice to hear a little about small town hospitals.

    1. She’s fine now but luckily we were in Moura at the time. The day before there was no hospital and if I was at Carnarvon I would have driven to Roma for medical care. But I found fever patches at the chemist they stick to the forehead to bring down temps. Oh and I found cold and flu lolly pops for kids over 2yrs that I never knew exsisted.

      1. Really? I’ve never heard of patches or lollipops, sound like a good investment. Our lil mama always gets temps, though amazingly has only sick once in our 6 month on the road so far.

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