This product was gifted to us for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

If you are a 4WD fanatic just like us, you’ll know that having the correct power supply is important. One of our biggest struggles whilst travelling has been finding the correct product that will not let us down when we really need it. When CTEK offered us the D250SA and Smartpass 120 Battery management system to use and review, we were excited to see how this product can help us.

When we made the decision to leave Brisbane in 2013 we took our Landcruiser to a reputable battery business and had our dual batteries changed and checked. On and off over the 4 years, we have had several issues with our system that no Auto Electrician could resolve. We were finding our battery would run flat too quickly if we had not run our vehicle. It wasn’t good enough!

engine bay of vehicle
CTEK D250SA and Smartpass 120 protected by a heat shield made by my husband


The CTEK D250SA is the ultimate 20AMP DC to DC charger.

D250SA features we loved

*  it is smart alternator compatible

* it is solar compatible. So it will draw power from your solar panel or alternator (or both if required). It has its own built-in solar regulator which means you can plug your solar in straight away.

* it protects, charges and maintains your starter battery, even when the engine is not running.

* gives continuous, fully automatic charging while you’re on the move to give your batteries better performance and life.

*  it also includes temperature sensors to assist your batteries in hot or cold conditions. The D250SA will help prevent your batteries overheating or overcharging.

The CTEK D250SA and SMARTPASS 120 can be used independently but work best together when combined with a service battery larger than 100Ah.


The CTEK Smartpass 120 is the ultimate 120A power management system. When combined together with the CTEK D250SA it will provide you with up to 140A to your service battery when you are on the go.

Features of the Smartpass 120

* The Smartpass 120 includes overcurrent protection which gives you up to 350A in short bursts for up to 10 seconds. Comes in handy when you using your winch.

* start assistance function  will use current from your auxiliary battery to start your engine if your starter battery is low

* connects the starter and auxiliary batteries together so the alternator charges both batteries

* safely separates your starter and service batteries automatically.

* battery temperature protection switches off charging if your service battery temperature is too high

* current source priority supplies power to critical equipment directly from the alternator when the engine is running

Free camping at Uluru with no power troubles Thanks to the CTEK D250SA and Smartpass 120

CTEK D250SA Review

We are so grateful we have been gifted this product to use. It has honestly helped us in many ways. When we were travelling through Uluru we were able to free camp for a week without worrying about losing power. We love we are able to connect our solar panel without any hassles and trickle charge our batteries.

We found we have more confidence in our vehicles power abilities now and aren’t worried especially knowing if we get stuck again the Smartpass 120 Starters assistance will help us. Now that we are travelling through the Northern Territory in these warmer months we know that our batteries are being monitored by a fantastic system.

We have more confidence to use our 12-volt system more. We now use it to service our fridge/freezer full-time and charge our laptops, Ipads, phones, and kids DVD players. Even when using the system more we still haven’t run out of power.

I can honestly say the CTEK D250SA and Smartpass 120 has been a welcomed addition to our Landcruiser and has given our confidence back in our vehicles power system.

If you would like more information about CTEK and the D250SA and Smartpass 120, then you can check their website out for more information.